Meat Grinder


Product Specification

Model BMG480
Product Description Commercial Heavy duty Meat Grinder
Exterior (WxDxH) 10 1/2″ x 18″ x 18″
NET WEIGHT(lbs) 51 lbs
INPUT 110V / 60Hz
MOTOR 1 HP / 735 W
Cut Sheet download
Owner’s Manual download

  • Our Heavy Duty Bull Grinder includes a powerful 1HP to provide you with maintenance free. This provides you with the essential function to grind meat at a swift pace without crushing or mashing the product.
  • The High Quality Stainless Steel Surfaces – Meat product will only contact the High Quality Stainless Steel Surfaces to ensure cleanliness as well as safety.
  • Easily Removed and Cleaned – The bowl assembly and feeding tray can be easily removed and cleaned without the inconvenience of using tools.
  • Safety Opening Function – The stainless steel bowl assembly also includes a Safety Opening
    Function to decrease the possibility of acquiring any injuries to
    the user.
  • The Reverse Switch – Another ideal advantage is the Reverse Switch. This special feature is intended to maximize productivity by Reducing Operator Fatigue and Discomfort.
  • Other Important Benefits – Bull Grinder provides superior performance to handle most tough meat and food grinding jobs. Also this heavy-duty machine grinds up to 9 to 14 lbs per minute